What is the SuperCoolCast?

The SuperCoolCast is a twice monthly podcast where games industry veteran Lauran Carter unlocks the mysteries of how to break into games.  In each episode you’ll hear from industry professionals, all willing to share details of their careers, their current projects and tips on how you can do what they do. 

With over 20 years combined experience in the video games industry, the SuperCool Team have access to a wide range of fascinating people, all with a unique take on their corner of the games industry. From developers to influencers, producers to artists, the SuperCoolCast aims to bring you insightful stories that are always entertaining, never linear and often laced with hilarity. Why not give it a go?

Who are Team SuperCool?

Lauran Carter

Lauran Carter

Show Host

Lauran started her journey in the video games industry in 2009 and her tenure has seen her take on roles at EA, Codemasters and Lionhead Studios (amongst others), where she honed her communication skills and settled on her current form. 

Lauran hosts the podcast, mainly because she really likes talking to people. Luckily for everyone involved, she is quite good at it. Some might say it’s her calling, others may wish she did it a little less, but everyone agrees that it is very entertaining.

She’s really into Pokemon… but not specifically the games, and not specifically the TV Show. Just Pokemon. In general, in all forms. If you ask nicely she may show you her plushie collection.

Ross McGrath

Ross McGrath


Ross joined the videogames industry in 2009, managing the SIEE PlayStation Store and PlayStation Plus program, before joining Take Two Interactive in 2011. 

Ross’ main role is to remind Lauran not to touch the desk while she’s recording, but also making pretty things, helping Lauran with words and ideas, and generally making the Podcast go. Please feel free to shout at him about poor-quality audio mixing in the newest episodes – he loves that.

Ross currently has over 90 Platinum trophies and none of them are the lazy ones. You know the ones… we’re looking at you, Terminator: Salvation.